Rooting and flowering enhancer
Foliar • Organic Farming
Emplus is an organic fluid bio-activator of plant origin, specifically studied to support the development of roots. Emplus contains an exclusive blend of:
  • Ecklonia maxima, a seaweed that has the most suitable ratio between natural auxins and cytokinins, to promote vigorous root development in all the crops;
  • Yeast extract, selected to provide the plants with amino-acids and vitamins, particularly Vitamin B5 (Panthotenic acid), very useful to promote the full energy use of nutrients.
Thanks to its special content, Emplus has a very effective action in helping plants to be ready for prompt rooting, extensive flowering and complete fruit set, further granting the best tillering in cereals.

Product suitable for use in Organic Agriculture conforming to regulations (EU) n° 2018/848 and 2021/1165.

Inspected by ECOCERT F – 32600