Facing to the future

Phenological stage

BBCH: 01-09

Germination radicle emergence
First rooting

BBCH: 10-39

Leaf - Shoot development

BBCH: 40-49

Tuber development and harvestable vegetative plant

BBCH: 51-59

Inflorescence development

BBCH: 70-79

Fruit-set - Fruits
grain devlopment

BBCH: 81-89

Fruit Ripening

BBCH: 91-95

Post Harvest

All season


Stemma product consist in liquid and water-soluble formulation,
derived from high quality raw materials of both mineral and organic origin
which can be applied via fertigation or foliar spray.

Nutrional plans

Our practical advice on how you can use Stemma products on crops that are widely present worldwide.